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How To Choose The Right Bracelet To Wear

How To Choose The Right Bracelet To Wear

Do you love hearing and seeing the jingle and jangle of bracelets on your wrists? Or does catching sight of your pretty arm candy make you feel happy?

If you love wearing these trinkets but are not sure when, where and what to wear, then it’s important that you have quite a few styles to choose from. This will help you make sure that you have at least one that goes with your outfit, suits the occasion, or simply fits your mood.

Here is a basic guide on wearing bracelets


1. Weekday Work Week

For those times when you’d like to keep your look simple, comfortable and professional, the best way to go is with a classic yet elegant bracelet. A single wraparound bracelet or a combination of crystal & chain will do the trick. You don’t want too many bangles cluttering up your office wear or getting in the way of your work, right, especially if your typing away on a keyboard a lot.

2. It's a date.

Dressing up for a date means having a little more fun not just with the outfit but with your accessories as well. Now is a great time to experiment with mixing and matching your bracelets. Mix leather with some gemstones or pile on the metal. Just make sure that the effect you achieve is all glitz and glam rather than cluttered and confused.

3. Woohoo Weekend

Even if your expecting a relaxing vibe during the weekend it doesn’t mean your bracelets have to be boring. Stacking a couple of bracelets can make your ordinary weekend wear more interesting. Just make sure that you mix up the shapes and weights of the bracelets. But don’t go all crazy with colors. Keep the color of the metal consistent.  

4. What’s the Occasion

Dressier occasions need a little taming down of your quirky or flashy bracelet choices. Go with a style that exudes elegance and class. Arm bling that’s peppered with crystals adds a who lot of grace and sophistication to your entire look.  


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