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Behind the Jewelry 2024


Coravana was founded with innovative creation as the beating heart of the business. With a goal of keeping traditional craftsmanship practices alive while creating and sustaining artisanal jobs, the brand now celebrates artisanship and innovative design to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will be worn with pride. 

Each piece we make is carefully designed & impeccably handmade from the finest materials. When you buy a Coravana creation, you become part of the Coravana family, it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will grow for years.

Coravana's vision is to blur the lines between footwear and jewelry. We believe that every step you take should be a reflection of your unique style and individuality.

Every pair of sandals we create is a testament to our passion for blending the finest materials and techniques, resulting in footwear that is as exquisite as the most coveted jewelry.

Our jewelry collections are the core of our work, they elegantly complement our footwear collections, providing the perfect finishing touch to elevate your ensemble.


Our head designer Evelyne


Evelyne, the visionary heart behind Coravana, is a maestro of artistry. With over 20 years of experience as a world-renowned artisanal jeweler and designer, Evelyne’s love for the exquisite art of jewelry design has always been her guiding light. Yet, it's her unique fusion of this passion with an equally bold love for shoes that has given birth to a category of luxury that transcends all expectations – jeweled sandals and flip flops, or as she calls it- Jewelry for the feet.

As a child, Evelyne's fingers were already crafting delicate beads into stunning pieces, and the twinkle in her eyes was a reflection of her fascination with unique footwear. But it was the realization that these two passions could intertwine, that every step we take could be an artistic statement, that set her on a remarkable journey. Every piece she envisions is a canvas for her creativity, and she pours her soul into each design, with feeling and intuition as her guiding forces.

Her designs are the harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative daring, producing pieces that are not just footwear or jewelry, but pieces of art. From the vibrant color palettes to the exquisite embellishments, every detail is a testament to her commitment to creating something truly exceptional.


"Every piece that comes out of our studio is welded, carved, cut, filed, & fully created by hand, using only premium materials such as 24k gold, the finest Italian leathers, top quality crystals, and most important, we give extreme attention to details.

If we had to describe our jewelry in 3 words? Unique, bright, confident.

It’s all about constantly innovating and trying new things. We combine olden days techniques, with new modern technology, to create something truly special. Our designs can be dressed up or down, worn day or night, they always make you shine.

We like to be different; we work with our hands, heart, and spirit. Having our creations become reality, seeing our pieces being worn with pride, this is what fuels our energy and creative process.

It is my belief that designing truly unique jewelry is based on one’s vision & creativity, and the ability to combine them together, so that each and every piece will deliver its own statement".

Statement Jewelry For The Modern Woman

Jewelry is the perfect way to bring life to an outfit and enhance your best features, and what better way to do so than to complete your look with a bold, attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry?

But when you think statement jewelry you imagine over the top colorful earrings, or necklaces taken from the Met Gala red carpet, but here at Coravana we do it quite differently. We think statement jewelry can be worn everyday, it doesn’t have to be a massive piece that completely takes over an outfit, we believe the statement is in the design, rather than the size, we call it Subtle Statement Jewelry.




Crystals are a wonderful thing, they are beautiful, glowing, and are believed to have special healing powers on the human body. Also, they can last for decades, much longer than other materials in common jewelry, so why not reuse them, right? As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are extremely proud to offer you our crystal reuse program; you earn, the planet earns.

By making our pieces to order, we are able to avoid the common side effect of large inventory leftovers, thus, significantly minimizing our use of materials, and reducing the manufacturing process carbon footprint.

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